Copied Hall Kennels

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Terms & Conditions


All dogs must be fully vaccinated including the additional kennel cough vaccination which must be given at least 5 clear days before boarding/daycare.

Free-range boarding allows dogs to mix with others in yards & exercise areas.  Your signature on the booking form gives permission for this & acknowledges the risks involved in kennelling in this way. The exception to this is if individual kennelling is specifically requested, in this case your dog will be kept separate from other dogs except those from your household.

Un-neutered/entire Males As from1st Jan 2023 we cannot accept any new entire male dogs for social boarding though they are welcome to stay in our unsocial kennels.

Un-neutered/entire Females We will do our best to keep the entire girls separate from the entire boys. If we are assured by the owner that no season is due then we may occasionally allow them to mix with entire boys. Should it then turn out that the female is actually in season and is mated then we reserve the right to take her to our vet for the 'morning-after' injection.

We recommend that dogs are insured prior to boarding. All dogs are kennelled at the owner’s risk and all veterinary fees will be payable if incurred during or immediately following a visit. If your regular vet is local and appointments are available then we will use your own vet unless out of hours. But if your regular vet is not local we will use Mainstone vets with recourse to your own vet for any relevant medical history.

Pre-booked professional grooming from a third party is available on day of departure. We are a country kennels & our walking field can get wet & muddy at certain times of year. All kennels are cleaned & disinfected each morning but we cannot stop dogs lying on wet concrete instead of the clean comfy beds provided. We advise that unless this option is chosen, dogs may well go home dirty & possibly smelly especially those with long hair.


50% deposits are required to secure all bookings payable within 4 days of booking unless booking is more than 6 months ahead. Deposits are non-refundable if cancelled within 14 days of the booking start date, with exception of death of the dog booked in.

Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of 50% deposit. For bookings confirmed after 31st August 2022 there is a £10 per booking cancellation fee for all confirmed bookings which are cancelled more than 14 days before booking start date, unless booking alternative dates on same day as we are notified of cancellation. The cancellation fee will be deducted from the  deposit paid before a refund is made. Cancellations less than 14 days before start date will forfeit their deposit.

BOOKING AMENDMENTS Amendments to bookings confirmed after 31st August 2022 will incur a £2 admin charge which will be added to balance at the end of the stay. Bookings confirmed before this date will be allowed one free amendment.

Overnight boarders. There is a minimum charge of 2 nights .Your first day of stay will be charged no matter what the arrival time. Additional charges will apply if dogs are dropped off before 11am. Early drop-offs must be pre-arranged. We do not charge for the day of departure if collected between 9am-1pm. Collections after 1pm will be charged at the full rate for that day. Please book an extra night in advance if you intend to collect after 1pm . We have a very limited number of spaces that can be used in case of cancelled flights etc. Please note that 4.30pm-6pm pick ups are for daycare dogs only.


Balance payment is required on or before the day of collection by online banking, cash, card or cheque. Please note that your deposit payment may not always be exactly 50% of total.


Medications must be supplied with veterinary prescription label.