Copied Hall Kennels

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Welcome to Copied Hall Kennels.

Bespoke dog care is designed to replicate your dog's home routine whilst staying with us. This routine has been specifically designed to reduce stress and make for a happier and more enriched stay. Your dog can look forward to a variety of enrichment activities ranging from walks and play time with a carefully hand selected group of dogs to brain games with puzzle toys and scent work. All of this is provided on our secure site which is staffed 24hrs a day allowing owners peace of mind whilst their dog enjoys their holiday with us.

Doggy Day Care

Your dog can enjoy all our enrichment activities whilst you are at work or enjoying a day out. We are offering exclusive hours for day care which allows dogs to be dropped off between 8-9am and collected as late as 6pm so you can enjoy a full day out and your dog can too!

Introduction to Copied Hall Kennels

Vaccinations – All dogs must have their annual vaccinations up to date. They MUST also all have the Kennel Cough Vaccine before they stay at Copied Hall Kennels. Kennel Cough vaccine – must be given to your dog at least 5 days before boarding begins. Most kennel cough vaccines are now valid for 12 months but check with your vet as they do vary. DownLoad More Information on Kennel Cough Here!