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Our Services

Bespoke dog care

Our bespoke dog care routine has been specifically designed to reduce stress and make for a happier and more enriched stay. Whilst staying with us your dog will enjoy the following daily enrichment activities.

Walk time

Two daily supervised walks off lead (on lead if requested by owner) in our enclosed field with a carefully hand selected group of dogs, or by themselves if they prefer.

Eddie jumping - Play time at Copied Hall Dog Kennels
Sally and Digby - Walk time at Copied Hall Dog Kennels

Play time

Two 1-hour long supervised play sessions with a carefully hand selected group of dogs in our enclosed yard area with jumps, tunnels and lots more!

Enrichment whilst in their kennel

To make sure that your dog's time in their kennel is just as fun as outside we will provide these daily activities:

  • Enrichment toys to keep them entertained. These will range from snuffle balls/matts to puzzle boards and scent work.
  • One on one time for play with their favorite toys, which can be bought from home or supplied by us. Please let us know your dog's preference as we have a wide range of toys available.
  • We will continue any training that is implemented at home such as sit, stay, lie down. Please let us know when you bring them in if there are any tricks other than the basic commands you would like us to carry on training.
  • Your dog will also receive daily grooming using the positive reinforcement of a lick mat to make it a pleasurable experience. Please let us know when you bring them in if there is any where your dog is not comfortable being touched so we can keep it a positive and enjoyable experience for them.
  • Last but not least plenty of cuddle time
TRAINING - Mally gives his full attention at Copied Hall Kennels ENRICHMENT - Bailey loves finding tasty treats in his snuffle ball at Copied Hall Kennels FUN AND GAMES - Woody loves the boomer ball at Copied Hall Kennels

Social walks and play time

With over the 30 years of experience we pride ourselves on finding the perfect doggy pals for your dog whilst they stay with us. Social walk and playtime are done in small carefully hand selected groups to replicate what your dog would experience on a walk with you. We allow both un-castrated males and un-spayed female dogs to socialize in separate groups so they can be safe but still enjoy company.

Our kennels

All our kennels consist of a cozy bedroom with its own heating which is adjustable to keep it the right temperature for different breeds. These bedrooms are completely enclosed so your dog can enjoy a nice peaceful nap without being disturbed by other dogs. Each kennel has an outside area attached which is completely covered so they can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about the weather conditions. These outside areas have a view through into neighbouring dog's exercise areas, so they can see their friends whilst having some time to relax.

Home comforts at Copied Hall Dog Kennels

Home comforts

Owners are more than welcome to bring home comforts for their dogs, we find this helps them settle in better. We do have a limit of 3 toys per dog. However, we are more than happy to provide toys as we keep a range on site. All dogs staying with us are provided with a plastic bed and plenty of thick fleecy veterinary bedding. We also provide padded beds for elderly dogs. We recommend bringing in a blanket that they have slept on, to help them settle in. If you would like to bring in their bed you can but we do have a size restriction as they need to be able to fit in our washing machine so we can keep them as hygienic as possible.

Feeding time at Copied Hall Dog Kennels

Feeding Time

Daily feed times are 8.30-9.30am and 4-5pm. This can be altered to different times and frequency to keep the same routine as at home. We will supply bowls; we have various size stainless steel bowls and slower feeder bowls. We currently stock Chudleys Classic Dry Complete, Harringtons Dry Complete, Plain biscuit mixer, Tinned Butchers Tripe, Tinned Chappie and Tinned Tex in a range of flavours. However, if your dog is fussy or would not be able to cope with a change of diet then we encourage you to bring your own food. All we ask is that it is clearly labelled. We also have a fridge and freezer on-site for those who feed raw or fresh food. We do ask that if you are bringing a large quantity for a long stay please let us know in advance.

Medication and Treatment

If your dog is on medication, please bring it in clearly labelled with the dog's name and dosage instructions. Likewise, if your dog requires any treatment we are happy to undertake basic procedures. Please call us in advance to discuss the treatment.